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Client Testimonials

Current Clients

I have worked with Robyn over the past ten-plus years. She is an outstanding editor who is able to organize the material from several contributors into a concise, well written manuscript in a timely manner. She has played a crucial role in a number of our publications. The overall quality of our publications has been improved significantly by her involvement and the role she has played as our editor and project manager.

Joseph Rosen, MD

Professor of Surgery (Plastic Surgery), Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Geisel School of Medicine

Professor of Engineering, Dartmouth Thayer School of Engineering

I would not have the number of publications I have were it not for Robyn’s efforts. She is able to effectively edit draft manuscripts to meet word-count limitations while maintaining the intellectual content. I would simply not have the time to both write and guide manuscripts through the editing, submission, and publication process on my own.

John M. Gemery, MD

Assistant Professor of Radiology (Interventional Radiology), Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Geisel School of Medicine

Robyn assisted with manuscript editing and reference searching, management and citations. She is extremely detailed, learned EndNote software very quickly and is now very proficient, and relieved me of a lot of the meticulous work of manuscript uploading for journal submission. I had more time to focus on scientific content of the manuscript and Robyn looked after all the details. She is very timely in her communications and easy to work with. I'll hire her again for future writing projects.

Carolyn Kerrigan, MD, MSc, MHCDS

Professor of Surgery (Plastic Surgery), Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, and of the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice, Geisel School of Medicine 

Robyn’s attention to detail, editing skills, and scientific knowledge have helped my R01 grant proposals to achieve higher scores. I needed an experienced editor to help me organize my ideas and express my research aims to their best level of professionalism. In the competitive quest for federal grant funding, an editor gives a researcher a definite competitive edge.

Marvin M. Doyley, PhD

Associate Professor of Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering, HAJIM School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY

(Formerly: Assistant Professor of Radiology and Engineering, Dartmouth Thayer School of Engineering)

Robyn is an excellent writer and editor whom I know from her position as Radiology Research Editor at DHMC. I highly recommend her and continue to use her skill set and creativity. She has been invaluable in my publications.

Robert D. Harris, MD, MPH

Professor of Radiology, University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle, WA

(Formerly: Professor of Radiology and OB/GYN, Chief of Ultrasound Imaging, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

Former Clients

Below are comments from three former clients at DH, a Neurologist for whom LoonLake consulted from 2000-2014, and two Radiologists for whom LoonLake edited in 2003-2007, who have since moved to other institutions.

Robyn is highly intelligent and extremely diligent. Jobs are done very quickly and thoroughly. Once Robyn signs on to a project, everyone can relax in the knowledge that it will be completed efficiently and effectively. In addition, Robyn’s background in engineering, information systems and technical writing allows her to be very creative in the production process. On numerous occasions, a few insightful suggestions from her about constructive changes led to much-improved final products. Robyn is always professional in every way. Her interpersonal skills are superb. I recommend her with no reservations whatsoever for any position.

Morris Levin, MD

Professor and Chief, Division of Headache Medicine, and Director, Headache Center, UCSF Medical Center

(former position, when editorial work was done: Associate Professor of Medicine/ Neurology and Psychiatry, DHMC; Co-Director, Dartmouth Headache Center; Director, Dartmouth Neurology Residency Training Program)

It is difficult to appreciate how much time goes into submission of these papers to journals like JNS. I am certain that much of this academic work would not have reached the journals without her support.

Alexander C. Mamourian, MD

Emeritus Professor CE Of Radiology, Perelman Medical Center, U. Penn

(former position, when editorial work was done: Director, Neuro MR and Associate Professor of Radiology, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center)

Robyn has functioned as an editorial assistant in a number of complex scientific manuscripts that I have co-authored. Robyn is a hard worker; organized, efficient and trustworthy. She has an unusual ability to comprehend complicated scientific data and translate it into understandable concepts and language based on the target audience. Robyn is a great resource. Her participation allows a busy author to focus on the scientific and clinical aspects of the manuscript, rather than the mechanics of editing and submission, which reflects a huge time savings. I recommend her enthusiastically.

Steven Poplack, MD

Associate Professor, Washington University School of Medicine and Siteman Cancer Center, Saint Louis, Missouri

(former position, when editorial work was done: Director of Breast Imaging and Associate Professor of Radiology, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center)

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